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Wireless alarm and remote listening system

What is Zummer-GSM?

Zummer-GSM is a new state-of-the-art wireless intruder alarm and remote listening system, which designed for both home and business use. Among with standard alarm features that are common to majority of similar systems, Zummer-GSM incorporates a number of unique ones, such as:

  • Phone line remote listening-in and monitoring,
  • Remote audio-listening of rooms and premises,
  • Flood notification,
  • Smart algorithm of alarm notifications,
  • Remote device configuration and control facility.

GSM Alarm system
Protect your property
Zummer-GSM has a built-in GSM engine with a GSM SIM-card. Users operate Zummer-GSM with the help of a GSM phone by means of SMS-messaging and/or DTMF signals. In case of alarm the system notifies you by sending appropriate SMS-message and making a call to a pre-programmed phone number. Then you can call Zummer-GSM to enable audio-listening, which is useful to be sure that the alarm is not false.

Zummer-GSM is very simple to use and requires no special computer programming during installation or operation. The system has internal battery and is capable of sending an alarm upon main power supply failure.

What do I use it for?

GSM alarm and security
With Zummer-GSM
Zummer-GSM is primarily intended for protection of flats, apartments, offices, premises and far-off buildings without phone lines (garages, kiosks, etc) and for flood notification. The system will also help you easily detect unauthorized connections to your phone line as well as unauthorized line using by servants and staff for their personal purposes. Being used at home, the system let parents control their children's calls to paid phone services and get valuable information about possible unwanted relationships.

The most outstanding and new feature of the product is that it combines security alarm technology with the remote listening-in and monitoring facilities. This significantly increases the system's resistance to false alarms. With Zummer-GSM you are able to listen to what is around in the protected area and then decide whether the alarm is true or false.


Access to Zummer-GSM is granted either from pre-defined GSM phone or from any other phone (including conventional PSTN) but with a password. This is necessary to prevent unauthorized use of Zummer-GSM by someone else.

Zummer-GSM is primarily designed for:

  • Protection of cottages, country houses, garages, kiosks, far-off buildings. Installing standard security systems in such buildings is difficult as they do not have phone lines over which alarm messages are supposed to be sent. Zummer-GSM, which transmits alarm messages over GSM networks, can provide protection for such buildings. It instantly notifies you by an SMS-alarm and a phone call as soon as someone gets into the secured building or area. Included in the package is a compact loudspeaker (105 dB) that may be activated upon alarm, if necessary. The system can be used along with motion sensors, closed-circuit sensors and other ones.

  • Flood notification is provided by a flood sensor which is connected to Zummer-GSM.

  • Remote audio-listening of a flat, office or premise. A small high-gain microphone with 15m operational range can be connected to Zummer-GSM. To start listening to conversations in the premise in which the system is installed, all you need is to give a call to the system from your mobile or PSTN phone.

  • Phone line remote listening-in and monitoring. This is mainly used to protect phone lines from unauthorized use. As soon as a phone conversation over the monitored phone line starts, Zummer-GSM sends you a SMS-message. Then you call Zummer-GSM from your mobile or PSTN phone and start listening to the conversation. Zummer-GSM also informs you about exact time and phone numbers to which calls from the monitored phone line were placed.

Read on to find out more on Zummer GSM:

Phone / fax : +7 495 604 48 45, E-Mail: info@zummer.ru
Gelikon-Line Ltd, office 305, 3/5, Dobrolubova str., Moscow, Russian Federation, 127254
Wireless alarm and remote audio-video monitoring systems for home and business applications.