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Zummer-GSM - how it works.

Principle of operation :: Features :: Technical specifications

Principle of operation.

The principle of operation is based on sending SMS-messages in case of an alarm(s). When an alarm is detected, Zummer-GSM send an SMS-message and place a phone call to a pre-programmed phone number. Both the message and phone call contain all necessary information about the alarm. An optional loudspeaker can be activated upon alarm, if needed.

To detect alarms Zummer-GSM has a number of sensors:

  • Flood and motion sensors,
  • Phone line activation sensor,
  • Normally closed circuit (alarm system closed loop)
  • .

An external microphone is connected to Zummer-GSM so that you can monitor all conversations around. This feature is indispensable to ensure that the alarm is not false.

Zummer-GSM features.

Alarm closed loops(2 interfaces)
Analogue input for flood sensor
Phone line jack
Microphone jack
RS 232 port for configuration and external add-on devices
External touch memory connectivity.
Internal battery for smooth operation.
A special button to switch the system between the "Armed" and "Disarmed" modes (holding this button for a while will enable system's self-test).

LED indicators:

  - Switch On / Switch Off;
  - External power supply / internal battery;
  - Sensors' status: enabled / disabled for each sensor;
  - GSM network logged on / logged off;
  - Closed loops connected / not connected;
  - Flood sensor connected / not connected;
  - Phone line connected / not connected.

Parameters of continuous self-testing:

  - External power availability & voltage;
  - Internal battery voltage;
  - Internal GSM-engine health, GSM network availability. Zummer-GSM is capable of automatically rebooting the GSM-engine if needed.

Means of notification on alarm events:

  - SMS-message;
  - Direct phone call with DTMF signals.

Remote control of the system:

  - By DTMF tones using a keypad of your GSM-phone;
 - By SMS-messaging.

The system is configured by:

  - a PC connected to RS-232 interface (needed only by service centers);
  - SMS-messaging;
  - by DTMF tones;
  - micro-switches on the device.

Zummer-GSM is switched between the "Security On" and "Security Off" modes by:

  - A button on the face of the device;
  - Touch Memory or Proximity keys;
  - A direct DTMF command, after placing a direct call to the system;
  - An SMS-command.

Optional external devices:

  - Loudspeaker (105 dB).

Access to the system:

  - with a password.

Checking up balance of payment for the SIM-card inserted into Zummer-GSM:

  - Using DTMF-commands. Zummer-GSM establishes a conference call between GSM operator's automatic customer service, your GSM-phone and Zummer's GSM-engine;
  - Using GSM-operator's conventional customer service.

Zummer-GSM technical specifications.

Dimensions: 190 х 130 х 40 mm.
Power supply: External DC 8-15 V, internal battery 4.8 V DC (4 AA-size accumulators) or mains 220 - 230 V AC.
Current: 150 mA in stand-by "Security On" mode, 350 mA in alarm mode.
Internal GSM-engine: Siemens С45 - based
Operational range: -10 C ... + 50 C.

Alarm interfaces:

  - Closed loop interfaces: 2.
  - Analogue interfaces : 1.

Alarm mode duration: 3 min.
Delay before switching to "Security On" mode: 30 sec.
Delay before switching on the alarm mode: 0 or 30 sec.
Internal battery lifetime: no less than 6 hours.

Sensors compatible with Zummer-GSM:

  - Magnetic sensors;
  - Motion sensors;
  - Flood (humidity) sensors.

Environmental tolerance: IP 41.

Phone / fax : +7 495 604 48 45, E-Mail: info@zummer.ru
Gelikon-Line Ltd, office 305, 3/5, Dobrolubova str., Moscow, Russian Federation, 127254
Wireless alarm and remote audio-video monitoring systems for home and business applications.