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Zummer-GSM frequently asked questions.

What is Zummer-GSM and how does it work?

Zummer-GSM is a new state-of-the-art wireless intruder alarm which also incorporates remote listening facilities. These facilities are designed for remote listening and monitoring premises and PSTN phone lines. Alarm and flood sensors, phone line adapter and a microphone are connected to Zummer-GSM to ensure the systems functionality. As soon as one of the sensor goes off or the controlled phone line activates, Zummer-GSM informs you in an instant by an SMS-message and/or direct phone call. By placing a call to Zummer-GSM, you can listen to all conversations around in the premise or over the phone line installed in the premise. Being able to listen to what is going on in the secured area helps you simply recognize if the alarm is true or false. Find out more about Zummer-GSM.

What are the advantages of Zummer-GSM as compared to other intruder alarms?

The advantages are:

  • Only Zummer-GSM lets you control and listen-in your phone line. Whenever you are, Zummer-GSM instantly notifies you as your phone line is activated, informing you about the number dialed. Just after that, by placing a direct call to Zummer-GSM you can listen to the conversation over the controlled phone line.
  • We have been doing our best to ensure Zummer-GSM is convenient to use and reliable in terms of delivering alarm notifications. When a sensor goes off, Zummer-GSM sends you an SMS-message and makes a direct call to ensure you are informed. In addition to that, if you are out of the cellular coverage and not available, the system will call you until getting you on the phone. This ensures that you are informed about alarm events as soon as possible.
  • Zummer-GSM is protected against power shortages.
  • Zummer-GSM is supplied with a high-sensitive microphone with operation range of 5 m. This means you are able to listen to conversations at distances of up to 5 m from the microphone.
  • Zummer-GSM is easy to install and operate. Computer is required neither for installation nor for operating.

Can I connect a video camera to Zummer-GSM?

No, you can not. But we are now developing a video option for Zummer-GSM which lets you remotely watch at what is going on in the premise where the system is installed. You will be able to do it using a mobile smartphone (a video-enabled mobile phone with a big screen). Today smartphones are available on the market at reasonable prices. We are going to produce two types of video options for Zummer-GSM:

1. Black and white image, with the image refresh rate of once in 7 sec. Only one camera is used.

2. Color image, with the image refresh rate of 3 frames a sec. Up to 3 cameras can be used.

These video options are going to be compatible with all Zummer-GSMs including those available today.

How many sensors can I connect to Zummer-GSM?

Zummer-GSM has 2 independent input for closed-circuit loops and one analogue input (for instance, for a flood sensor). SMS-message which are sent upon alarms contain information about which input the triggered sensor is connected to. More than one sensor can be connected to a single input. For example, one of our installations saw 8 motion sensors connected to the same input. All the sensors are powered from Zummer-GSM, which means they still work even when the main power is disconnected.

How many microphones can I use with Zummer-GSM?

There is only one microphone in our standard package at the moment. We tested a number of parallel-connected microphones and found out that using them in the same room did not prove to be very effective. One microphone is sensitive enough. In the near future we are going to produce an optional microphone switch to connect up to 4 microphones. These microphones can be placed in different rooms to ensure the whole house is under control.

Do I need a PC to set up Zummer-GSM?

No, you don't as most of the settings you do using a mobile phone. Nevertheless, we have created a program for PC which helps testing and setting Zummer-GSM up. First of all, the program is useful for our resellers and partners who need to be able to quickly set up and test the units. The program is available free of charge for our resellers.

Is it difficult to install and put Zummer-GSM into operation myself?

The installation is not difficult and you can do it yourself, if you want. All contacts are clip-like. If you use Zummer-GSM only for remote listening (i.e. without alarm sensors) then installation takes a few minutes.

Can I use Zummer-GSM in a non-heated premise?

Yes you can. We have successfully tested Zummer-GSM at temperatures down to -20 C. For temperatures lower than -20 C we recommend using a heater or placing the unit in a thermo-box.

Do you provide technical support for Zummer-GSM? What is this support about?

Yes we do. Our technical support includes (but is not limited to):

1. We are constantly updating Zummer-GSM's software and implementing new features according to our customer's feedbacks. Software updates are free for both our partners and customers. You turn to either us or to our resellers to upgrade your unit's software.

2. We consult buyers, customers and partners about everything regarding installation and usage of Zummer-GSM. We never do our business on a "sold and forgot" basis.

3. We are always pleased to inform customers and partners about new features, add-ons and upgrades of Zummer-GSM.

How long does Zummer-GSM work without the main power (on internal batteries)?

8 hours approx., with all sensors connected. After 5 hours of continuous main power failure you receive an SMS-notification. We can supply batteries with more capacity or a UPS to make Zummer-GSM less dependent on the main power.

How to switch Zummer-GSM between the "Armed" and "Disarmed" modes?

We have implemented 4 ways to do this:

1. With a special button on the unit. We have implemented a time delay (this can be switched off) between pressing the button and switching the unit to the "Armed" mode or back to "Disarmed" mode.

2. With an external button or a Touch Memory key which are attached at your front door.

3. By an SMS-command.

4. By placing a direct call to Zummer-GSM and issuing a DTMF-command.

What warranty do you provide for Zummer-GSM?

The warranty is 12 month after selling Zummer-GSM to the end-user.

Is Zummer-GSM certified?

Yes, it is. The certificate is POCC BY.PB01.B12117 (Issued by a Russian certification authority).

How to become a reseller/partner?

We are very interested in developing a partner network for promoting Zummer-GSM, especially in remote Russian regions, abroad and overseas. Our partners enjoy great discounts, affordable terms and we are sure this business is profitable for everyone involved. Here you can have a look at our price-list. And of course, if you have bought Zummer-GSM and you are not satisfied with it, money back is guaranteed. Thus you need not make serious investment to start this business as our reseller. Please also read the next question.

If I am not happy with Zummer-GSM, can I return it and get my money back?

Of course you can! But frankly speaking, no one has so far returned Zummer-GSM after using it for sometime.

How to buy Zummer-GSM if I am far away from Moscow?

We can ship Zummer-GSM or you can turn to one of our representative in your region. The list of the representatives is here.

Where can I see live demonstration of Zummer-GSM and how it works?

Our company as well as most of our representatives has test benches at your disposal to explore Zummer-GSM and to learn how it works. Some of our representatives are more than happy to visit you with Zummer-GSM to demonstrate it. Feel free to contact them or us to get more information.

Are wireless sensors compatible with Zummer-GSM?

Yes they are. In some cases using wireless sensors proves to be more effective than using wired ones. A wireless sensors switch box can be connected to Zummer-GSM to ensure this functionality.

Can I use sensors of other types with Zummer-GSM, including fire or smoke sensors?

With Zummer-GSM you can use any sensors that are suitable for a closed-circuit loop scheme. This means such sensors break the loop when go off . Most of existing sensors are like that. If you want to have a fire and smoke alarm, we suggest you connect fire and smoke sensors to a dedicated console. Then the console's output is connected to Zummer-GSM.

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